Cor.Speed meets TR Exclusive – Elegant shoes for the large Mercedes coupé


The large S-Class coupés – and here we expressly include their predecessors, the SEC and CL, which were otherwise designated – have been in the absolute high-end league of premium vehicle construction for around 40 years. But: Even such exclusive automobiles can of course be further refined. This is impressively illustrated by this CL 500 of the C216 series manufactured between 2006 and 2013.  He got a set of high-quality rims from Cor.Speed ​​Sports Wheels as well as a few other customizations.

The guys from TR Exclusive, who act as sales partners for Cor.Speed, were responsible for the conversion. They installed DeVille rims in the wheel arches of the large luxury coupé. With 9×21 and 10.5×21 inches, the very generously dimensioned ten-spoke one-piece suits contrast with the white body in a gunmetal matt finish and are soled with tires of sizes 255/30R21 and 295/25R21.

The lowering of the elegant two-door vehicle initiates a lowering module from Cete Automotive, while an in-house sports exhaust from TR Exclusive makes its V8 engine sound much more distinctive. Thanks are also due to TR Exclusive for providing the image material.

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